Unes-backed bill to help keep military bases in Illinois signed by Governor

Jul 01

PEKIN — State Rep. Mike Unes, R-East Peoria, was pleased to hear the Governor signed HB 3939 June 30, a bill which Unes was chief co-sponsor, to improve the transition for military families in Illinois which may help pave the way to retain Illinois military bases during the next round of federal Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission hearings.

Recognizing that Illinois needed to update their procedures for military families transitioning into Illinois’ schools following a transfer, Rep. Mike Unes was Chief Co-Sponsor of HB 3939 to bring Illinois into compliance with national standards for transition of children of active duty military members into Illinois schools. This issue was brought to Unes’ attention by a Retired General who had served at the Illinois National Guard base in Bartonville.

Illinois’ previous procedures for transition of families into Illinois schools would have likely been a negative factor in the next round of BRAC Hearings at the federal level. Negative scores in this regard can jeopardize the military bases Illinois retains and so it was not difficult for Unes to respond proactively to the need for updates to these laws.

“There are enough challenges military families face when moving into a new state and it is critical that we ensure that we do everything within our power to cut through the red tape and bureaucracy those families experience when their children transition into their new school in Illinois,” said Unes on June 30.

HB 3939 was signed into law by Gov. Pat Quinn on June 30.

For more information about this issue, contact Rep. Unes’ office at 620-8631.

Read more: http://www.eastpeoriatimescourier.com/article/20140701/News/140709953#ixzz38DeRp7jN

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