On The Issues

During his time in the Illinois House, Rep. Unes:

  • Sponsored and Co-Sponsored legislation allowing Concealed Carry in Illinois (HB 112 and HB 148)

  • Co-Sponsored legislation transferring Wildlife Prairie Park to local control (HB 1292)

  • Sponsored and passed landmark Copper Theft Prevention legislation, creating a framework to address this problem for not only Illinois, but also other states across the country (HB 3825)

  • Co-Sponsored and supported a number of bills to improve the climate for employers in Illinois including:
    • Repealing the State’s Personal and Corporate Income Tax Increases (HB 175)
    • Extension of the State’s Enterprise Zones (HB 208, HB 1442, HB 3811)
    • Extending the Net Operating Loss Deduction for Employers (HB 243, HB 1897, HB 4038)
    • Repealing the State’s Estate Tax, which would help save family farms in Illinois (HB 1107)
    • Making permanent the State’s Research and Development Tax Credit, as it is in Illinois’ surrounding states (HB 3570)
    • Legislation providing real reform of Illinois’ broken Worker’s Compensation System (HB 3790)
    • Legislation reducing the filing fees for Limited Liability Corporations (SB 2084)
  • Co-Sponsored and supported a number of fiscal reform bills including:
    • Legislation to give state elected officials a 10 percent Paycut (HB 110)
    • Sponsoring and passing a bill requiring lawmakers to cut an equal amount for every new program instituted (Pay-Go Budgeting- HB 111)
    • Sponsoring and passing a bill to curtail pay raises in the Governor’s Office (HB 3611)
    • Combining the State Comptroller & Treasurer’s Office (SJRCA 13, HJRCA 01)
    • Studying putting Photo ID on Link Cards (HB 161)
    • Sponsoring a bill to require Asset Testing for Public Assistance (HB 5611)
    • Sponsoring legislation to reduce workers compensation costs through allowing SWAT and Tactical Response Teams to utilize Firearms Sound Suppressors (HB 1708)
    • Requiring Income Verification for Medicaid (HB 5641)

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